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Tracy Ratana Charitable Trust

THE TRACY RATANA CHARITABLE TRUST was created to provide scholarships for talented, enthusiastic, and ambitious artisans. We want to financially supplement their talent so they can continue to grow artistically and professionally. Two of the scholarships in particular are named after Gail Shaw-Clemons and Robin J. Wright who are exemplary in their fields of lithography printmaking and photography & graphic arts. The third scholarship is for a female African American artist from an underrepresented community.


“As a fashion designer, illustration artists and makeup artist, I'm driven to create new concepts to be presented to the marketplace.  Becoming a professional artist can seem quite daunting, but with the right support and opportunities, artists can flourish and thrive.  I firmly believe that art is the foundation to illuminating the soul and I am committed to supporting our inner being foundations. MY DREAM IS TO HAVE AN EASY TRANSITION FOR ARTISTS, FROM CONCEPT TO THE MARKET PLACE.”

We are accepting donations toward our scholarship programs and welcome all to donate.


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