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Artist Cameo Presentation

What is an Artist Cameo Presentation?


It’s the ultimate virtual greeting and presentation of your keepsake for family and friends.  Tracy Ratana will present your customized keepsake, in an artist talk style to the recipient.  With specific details completed on your form she will touch upon those specific items and discuss her artist journey on your specific keepsake.  The artist video presentation is a $50.00 charge.


Let’s talk about your specific customized keepsake.  Who is the recipient?  What is your relationship to the recipient?  What occasion is this keepsake for?  Are there any special dates, locations, etc.  Anything specific you would like to include?  This information you should be placed in the comments on the request for at the bottom of the pricing page.


Why order with keepsake purchase?


This is the best time to order while the artist still has the artwork in possession and will have it on display at time of virtual greeting and presentation of actual keepsake.


How long is the Artist Cameo Presentation?


The artist cameo presentation duration is anywhere between 1 minute up to 2 minutes long.  This time frame is best for transfer purpose in regards to file size.  


What happens when I request an artist cameo presentation?

  • Your request will be completed within 7 days.

  • Your receipt and order updates will be sent to the email provided.

  • When your request is completed, we’ll email and text you a link to view, share or download.

  • If for some reason your video isn’t completed, the hold on your card will be removed within 5 – 7 days.

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